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September 14, 2023


September 14, 2023



August 10, 2021

Do we take our teeth for granted?  What are the consequences of losing teeth both aesthetically and functionally?  For many of our patients losing teeth, whether it be through disease, or an accident, can make some aspects of daily life challenging.

Every time we smile, talk, or eat, we use our teeth. If you are missing incisor (front teeth) or canine teeth it will be tricky to bite and tear your food, and if you have lost premolars or molars then grinding and crushing food becomes difficult.  Not only will this affect your enjoyment of eating certain foods but can even lead to other health problems if you cannot digest your food properly.

As well as playing an important part in the digestion process, our teeth are vital in ways you may not even realise.  If you are missing a tooth that is visible this will obviously make you feel self-conscious, but missing teeth can even change the overall shape of your face.  

If you broke your arm and were unable to use it for months, the muscle would likely shrink a little because it isn��t being used. Your jawbone is similar; if there are no teeth the jawbone in that area will shrink over time. This may draw your face in and give you that sunken look that really can age someone.  The lips can also change without the support of teeth, the muscles around the lips may begin to change, causing more wrinkles than normal.

Missing teeth can also compromise your other teeth.  Even one missing tooth can affect your bite. At first, you may not notice anything except food getting stuck in the gap, but over time, your teeth will shift to fill in the gap. This can cause your teeth to hit each other in the wrong spot when eating or talking, which increases the risk of chips or cracks.  A dental implant will help your own teeth by sharing the workload and will stimulate the jawbone to keep it strong.  Dental implants do so much more than just replace missing teeth.  

Many people successfully use traditional dentures to replace missing teeth.  As Specialist dentists however we have referrals from patients who are struggling with aspects of wearing dentures.  We don’t believe in putting up with problems and we would recommend dental implants to eliminate issues with dentures moving and rubbing.  

A dental implant is effectively an artificial tooth root, a small, strong post which is placed directly into your jaw and will hold dentures, bridges, or crowns securely in place. At Bristol Dental Specialists we pride ourselves on using only the best dental systems and for that reason we have opted to use Straumann dental implants.  The Straumann Company has been in operation in Switzerland since the 1950s and is a market leader in terms of dental research and products. Straumann implants are a superior choice due to the advanced technology behind this type of dental procedure.

Patients who have had dental implant treatment have said just how this treatment has improved aspects of their day-to-day life.

“I am more than happy with the results. Since the teeth replaced were back teeth there isn’t much aesthetic change but it’s like having my own teeth again in terms of ease of eating etc. So much better than the plate I had beforehand”

Implants are an extremely effective and popular choice when replacing missing teeth.  Bristol Dental Specialists accept referrals for dental implant surgery either directly, or from referring dentists in Bristol and the Southwest.  Our online referral forms are safe and secure, or you can simply request a referral pack, referral forms can be returned to us via email or post.  

If you simply want to find out if you could be suitable for dental implant treatment, we can arrange a free initial video consultation to discuss your needs.

Dental implant costs vary depending on the exact treatment plan.   We appreciate that this type of dental treatment can be costly but to make dental implant treatment an option for everyone we offer a range of interest-free and interest-bearing finance plans, just ask us for more details.

If you talk to anyone who has a dental implant – it really can transform your smile, improve your daily life and boost your confidence.  Bristol Dental Specialists offer high quality dental treatment, and we always aim to give our patients an outstanding experience.  If you have missing teeth, or you are a dentist looking to refer a patient, then get in touch with Bristol Dental Specialists.

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