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September 14, 2023


September 14, 2023



October 28, 2021

Bristol Dental Specialists is a dental practice with a real difference.  We have a team of highly experienced dental specialists and support staff, dedicated to treating complex dental cases.  Each of our specialists work collaboratively to ensure every patient’s treatment journey is managed with care and professionalism.

Our dental specialists have completed additional post-graduate training and extensive training in their chosen specialism.  With years of experience, they can focus primarily on performing these specific procedures.

The GDC (General Dental Council) maintains a register of accredited dental specialists in the UK and recognises all the dental specialities that we offer at Bristol Dental Specialists.  All our Specialists strive for the best outcome, however challenging the dental problem may be.

If you are a referring dentist and you choose to send your patient to us, they will be in exceptional hands.  You will be kept fully updated on their treatment, progress, and any ongoing care they may require. We cover all aspects of dentistry, and we are proud of the services we can offer.  Read on to discover more about our specialist dental treatments, and the people that will treat your patients.

Orthodontics – The movement of misaligned teeth within the jaws using braces, wires, and increasingly clear aligners such as Invisalign. Our orthodontists work closely with our oral surgeon providing combined treatment when tooth removal is necessary.  A patient may need to be referred to a specialist orthodontist when there is an extreme case of misaligned teeth.  Our specialists in orthodontics are Darren Hills, Bethan Lewis, and Ben Cross.

“I love what I do and strongly believe everyone deserves the self-confidence that an attractive smile provides – it enhances my patients’ lives, no matter what their age.” Darren Hills

“I am proud to be able to give my patients a smile they have always wanted, it’s the ultimate job satisfaction.” Bethan Lewis

“I love the journey patients take as I treat them. Many start lacking confidence, part way through treatment they feel more positive and by the time they finish they are beaming a radiant smile.” Ben Cross

Implantology refers to the placement of dental implants.  A dental implant is fitted to replace missing teeth and comes under the speciality of Restorative Dentistry.  The techniques used when placing dental implants requires advanced training.  Our Specialist in Restorative Dentistry is Adrian Watts, who is an Implant Surgeon.

“Throughout my career I have endeavoured to combine my hospital commitments with private practice, allowing me to collaborate with specialist colleagues whose skills complement my own. This is the very essence of the partnership at Bristol Dental Specialists.” Adrian Watts

A specialist in oral surgery will treat problems within the oral cavity, for example a complex tooth or cyst removal or wisdom tooth extraction. The much more complex surgical procedures (often those including treatment with an orthodontist) may require the services of a maxillofacial surgeon. Our Specialist Oral Surgeon is Eithne Fyfe.

“I value being able to work in a multi-disciplinary team of specialist clinicians whose shared goal is to provide the very best patient-centred care.” Eithne Fyfe

Endodontic specialists carry out complex root canal treatments.  If soft tissue (containing nerves, arterioles, venules, lymphatic tissue, and fibrous tissue) becomes diseased or injured, endodontic treatment is required to save the tooth.  Our Specialist in Endodontics is Lyndon Meehan.  Lyndon has had many years of experience of dealing with dental trauma injuries, particularly those inflicted on the sporting field.

“I feel extremely lucky to be able to combine my dental career with my passion for sport. I have treated and managed the most complex and challenging trauma / Endodontic cases on professional athletes to get them back competing again. This has given me a huge amount of experience as well as job satisfaction” Lyndon Meehan

Periodontics involves treating diseases and consequences of such diseases of the gums, more so than the teeth themselves.  When gum disease is causing supporting bone loss around teeth this in turn will have an impact on the survival of the tooth itself.  We are fortunate enough to have two restorative specialists in the practice. During James Ban’s specialist training programme, he developed a particular interest in periodontology.

“I always endeavour to save teeth where possible and this starts first and foremost with a healthy foundation, the gums. I am passionate about Periodontics (gum treatment) and working closely with my patients to achieve optimum gum health to ensure the best possible long-term results.” James Ban

Prosthodontics is a dental speciality with a broad range, dealing with dental reconstructions and complex dental restorative treatments.  This includes problems with the bite function or condition of the teeth.  Teeth can be very badly ‘worn down’ (due to long term night-time tooth grinding for example), which can alter the patient’s bite.  Re-constructive treatment is often required if this happens.  Our Specialist Prosthodontist is Rachel Tabor.

“I enjoy planning complex cases together with Specialist colleagues and the patient which allows me to provide excellent results that meet the patients’ expectations and personal requirements. I always put a strong emphasis on patient satisfaction, it’s so important.” Rachel Tabor

Pedodontics (or Paediatric Dentistry) relates to the dental care and treatment of children, ranging from infants to early teens generally.  It’s so important that children and teenagers are introduced to dental treatment the correct way, giving them reassurance throughout.  Our Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry is Rebecca John.

“My intent is to provide children with good oral health and create a positive attitude towards dentistry.”

Rebecca John

Working with all our Specialists we have a Dental and Maxillofacial Radiologist Rebecca Davies.  Within the specialty, her main interests lie in Head and Neck ultrasound and Cone Beam CT. Rebecca provides a private radiology reporting service.

“Radiology is such an important diagnostic tool in healthcare and I very much value and enjoy working with the teams across all dental specialties.” Rebecca Davies

We have made our 
referral process as simple as possible to allow dentists and self-referring patients take advantage of specialist care at Bristol Dental Specialists.  We also understand that dental treatment can be costly but to make treatment an option for everyone we offer a range of interest-free and interest-bearing finance plans, just ask us for more details.

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