September 14, 2023

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August 10, 2022

The history of dentures is fascinating (and a little strange in places!). Various materials and methods have been used over the years and dentures have long been a tried and tested solution for the replacement of missing teeth. Many denture wearers will still say that they are uncomfortable to wear, move around when you eat and affect confidence as they look like a pair of ‘false teeth’.

Bristol Dental Specialists is very pleased to announce a new full denture service provided by James Ban, Specialist in Restorative Dentistry. This service is for patients who have no remaining natural teeth. James has undergone specialist dental training, allowing him to achieve outstanding natural results using the most up to date techniques and materials.

Dentures can be extremely effective and remain a popular choice with many. They are appealing as they are affordable and easy to look after. Limiting his denture clinic to full dentures only, James Ban can provide an excellent patient journey, offering longer appointments to achieve the desired results. With a simple step by step approach most patients will walk away with their dentures in 5-6 visits.


Our dentures are bespoke and tailormade to match patient specifications. We can mimic the amount of wear or normal aging you would expect of your original teeth, and when fitted correctly, dentures should not present the daily challenges that are often associated with wearing them. Our Specialist is committed to providing comfortable, fully functional, and aesthetically pleasing dentures, improving the day-to-day life and wellbeing of patients.

A typical patient journey would consist of a consultation where we will discuss your case, lifestyle and wishes. Once treatment begins you can expect to come to the practice every 2-3 weeks, and you may have 5-7 visits in total.  Your personal case may require far less time in the dentist chair, but James will always put a successful outcome and patient comfort first.

We will take impressions of your teeth using the latest digital dental equipment, dentures are made for the exact requirements of the patient.  We may then recommend a secondary impression which is important to ensure accuracy and superb fitting. After the initial fitting of the denture, you may require several adjustments. One of the benefits of acrylic dentures is that any alterations or adjustments can easily be made.

If you, a family member, or someone you care for would like further information, please contact us to arrange a complimentary virtual consultation to check suitability. We can also discuss implant retained dentures if you have a requirement for this. At Bristol Dental Specialists, we are fully committed to outstanding patient care and treatment results, we love restoring smiles and improving a patients day-to-day life.

Our referral process is simple and dentists and self-referring patients have benefitted from the specialist care at Bristol Dental Specialists.  We also understand that dental treatment can be costly but to make treatment an option for everyone, we offer a range of interest-free and interest-bearing finance plans, just ask us for more details.