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Simply straightening teeth

September 14, 2023

Simply straightening teeth

September 14, 2023

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Simply straightening teeth

Simply straightening teeth

May 31, 2022

When it comes to straightening teeth Invisalign is already a straightforward treatment that fits in with your lifestyle. The DentalMonitoring app along with the ScanBox Pro makes Invisalign even more user friendly and can accommodate the busiest of schedules.

When your custom-made Invisalign aligners are ready you will have an in-practice appointment so that we can explain everything you need to know about your aligners and the DentalMonitoring app. We will provide you with directions on how to use the ScanBox Pro and show you how to use a handy Cheek Retractor that will help pull back your soft tissues for optimum intraoral images.

With the DentalMonitoring app and ScanBox Pro your phone literally becomes a scanner.  Place your own smart phone into the ScanBox Pro phone support until it securely clicks into place.  The DentalMonitoring app is intuitive and will guide you through the steps as you take images of your teeth. Then submit your images via the DentalMonitoring app following the schedule set by your dentist. You can communicate with your dental practice securely and from the comfort of your own home – or anywhere in the world!

The DentalMonitoring app provides a two-way communication. Your dentist can keep track of your treatment to check all is progressing as planned and patients can ask questions and communicate any concerns or queries. Your practice can also set reminders when it’s time to move to the next aligner in your set.

Invisalign has always been an excellent choice for straightening teeth, the clear aligner system uses no brackets or wires and the aligners themselves are clear, removable, and comfortable. Your custom-made aligners will fit closely to your gum line for optimal comfort and appearance. The DentalMonitoring app gives patients complete control of their Invisalign journey and enables your dentist to track your treatment progress even more closely than ever before.  

A face-to-face appointment is always an option if this is your preference, or you have any concerns and would like to see us (we always love to see our patients!).  DentalMonitoring simply gives you flexibility to submit your progress images remotely. We will still request a face-to-face appointment every 3-6 months throughout your treatment to monitor the health of your mouth and teeth.

Over time, you can monitor the progress of your Invisalign treatment with the app’s photo time lapse technology. You will have an image library that shows you how your teeth are moving towards their new position, and your dream smile! Look back at your first set of images to see the progress – you will be amazed at the difference! Keeping your personal information secure is a priority at Bristol Dental Specialists and the DentalMonitoring app is HIPAA/GDPR compliant.

If you’re a teacher, a caregiver, a busy parent or just struggling to find time and you are looking to straighten your teeth then Invisalign and the DentalMonitoring app could be just what you need. Invisalign is different. The clear aligners are convenient and lifestyle friendly and can treat a range of orthodontic issues. If you want to know more about starting Invisalign treatment, then book your 
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